Welcome to Mr Pillow - 2014

How about improving your quality of life ? ...... a decent nights sleep can help reduce stress. From Belfast to Bedford, people using new pillows & Reform memory foam mattresses & The Lavender Mattress turn less in their sleep.

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Have you seen the latest in sleep technology? The mattress that actually helps you to deep sleep. The Lavender Mattress is a revelation and the hotel sector simply cannot stop talking about it.

The specialists suggests that sleeping on a Reform memory foam mattress and a quality pillow from Mr Pillow can help sports people and the general public alike. Memory foam is warmer than a traditional sprung mattress

Mr Pillow visco elastic memory foam mattresses can ease back problems and promote quality sleep.

A new pillow is an excellent Birthday present.

Mr Pillow.....more than just pillows. More people each week sleep on Reform memory foam and The Lavender Mattress from Mr Pillow.

Memory foam mattress overlays and mattress toppers can help reduce the stress of modern life. Made in the UK.

"I won't rest until you're fast asleep" says Mr Pillow.

Lavender Mattress Brochure - for a better nights sleep

Free pillow(s) on orders above £60.00